Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Giveaway! And Poll!

Enter to win free books! Easy and cheery! Entries due tomorrow--so get your name in the hat while they're still time! (Did I mention I use a real hat? My technical inabilities have, in the past, forced me to adopt the "names on slips of paper, in the hat they go method. Any suggestions on which hat to use?)

Also--I've got a little poll running on the side of the blog to see what you might like to see more of in 2011. I aim to please, of course!


The Dreamstress said...

Is this how we are supposed to enter? I love books! What kind of books are we in to win?

Rowenna said...

Sorry about that! Just click on the link to enter (will clarify). But if you enter here it's ok :)