Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Pajamas--Historical Inspirations

Christmas morning, cinnamon rolls, and perky pajamas with matching robes all go together in my mind. Our sartorial forebearers had an answer to our lougnewear--the dressing gown. Informal and loose-fitting, dressing gowns manage to be relaxed without getting sloppy (no ratty lounge pants for the ladies of the Victorian Era, thank you very much). So, in honor of snowy mornings and festive holiday colors, some dressing gowns from the Metropolitan Museum of Art:

First, this little ditty from c. 1870 would be right at home with Mrs. Claus at the North Pole, don't you think? The perky red print, the contrasting green trim, the pert little pockets, the...tassels?

I'm rather fond of this celyon green piece, c. 1880, with its eastern-inspired red flourishes. This, I do believe, is the sophisticate's answer to Christmas morning pajama-wearing. Again, with the requisite tassels. It's not really Christmas or a dressing gown unless there are tassels.

Finally, a green-print, sash-festooned garment from c. 1860. The wide sleeves and full skirt look cozy...and seem very "mom"ish to me. I see Marmee wearing this on the Christmas morning described in Little Women (except she'd already run out to feed the poor I guess she changed back into it just for the Christmas gift photo op I anachronistically envision the family having).

Would you wear any of these? Does your Christmas morning involve lounging around in your dressing gown--or your pajamas? How do you feel about tassels?


Leah Marie Brown said...

Are you kidding? I would not only wear the second one, I would ROCK it. I love it. Seriously. How fun would that be? Though this is coming from a girl who wore a massive hoop skirted Civil War gown all over the Biltmore Estate during a Writers Retreat. My husband says it's kinda dorky, but whatever. He's just jealous because he doesn't have the confidence to wear a Civil War get-up (or that Louis XIV one I bought for him one Halloween).

If you get a chance, pop over to my other blog and look at some of the banyans I have posted on there. Stunning.

So now, would you wear one of these?

Rowenna said...

Leah--I want the second one, too!! I take any excuse to wear historical paraphenalia. And I LOVE banyans! Especially when worn by fastidious-looking, slightly arrogant men :)