Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Most Thankful Part

I firmly believe relationships are the most important part of life--that friends, family, loved ones are the vital threads in the net that keeps us hanging in this nutsy world. I was reading fourth century texts for a research paper (yes, it is scintillating, thanks for asking), and I came across this quote from John Chrysostom, bishop of Constantinople and eventually canonized Catholic saint.

For such is the power of love, it embraces, and unites, and fastens together not only those who are present, and near, and visible, but also those who are far distant: and neither length of time, nor separation in space, nor anything else can break asunder the affection of the soul.

That's something to be thankful for. That no matter what your faith or creed, there's a real power in the relationships we build with one another.

As a matter of theological honesty, Chrysostom was talking about the power of love surpassing death--this is taken from a letter to a grieving young widow. As a matter of personal disclosure, the truth I feel in that sentiment takes my breath away.

Happy Thanksgiving! Eat too much pie and thank those you love--and those who love you.


Connie said...

It's been a long time since I read anything about/by Chrysostom. Thanks for sharing.

Kat Zhang said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Rowenna!! :D