Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blog Award--Thanks, Julie!

Julie E. has been kind enough to bestow the Beautiful Blogger award on this humble webspace, so many thanks! Go check out her blog--it's a really lovely writer's resource.

And, I'm game to play along! Seven things about me and seven blogs I'd like to pass this award along to.

About me--I'm going to list things I'm currently obsessed with, fawning over, or that are making my life (in honor of the blog award) a little more beautiful:

1) My current favorite piece of clothing is a grey wool, vintage Pendleton coat that's been sitting in my closet for years. It came from my Great-Aunt Georgie, and I have no idea how I ended up with it, but a spate of tailoring later, it fits nearly perfectly. Nearly because Great-Aunt Georgie was far shorter than me, so the cuffs hit well above my wrists. It actually makes me excited for winter weather.

2) My current favorite foods are a good, tomato-y, spicy, minty lentil soup and homemade bread. There is nothing more comforting that soup simmering on the stove while you knead bread dough into a pile of soft flour on the kitchen table. Unless it's eating that soup as dusk falls, with that a bit of herbed olive oil dripping from the bread .

3) My favorite extra-curricular at the moment, now that reenacting is done for the year, is swing dancing. My husband and I have been learning lindy, and there's nothing so fun as a good piece of music and a good lead to follow.

4) Peacock blue continues to be my favorite color.

5) With the Christmas season swiftly approaching, I'm allowed to start listening to my favorite holiday music again--Loreena McKennit's Midwinter Night's Dream and A Winter Garden (amazing version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen on that album). Plus my 3-disk Merriest Christmas Album ever collection, which sounds goshawful cheesy, but is actually a classy compilation of music from the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Very Norman Rockwell.

6) I confess that, with work being rather stressful and a large research paper due for class, my favorite unwind activity has been burrowing into the couch with my husband and NCIS on TV. Hi, I'm a dork.

7) I secretly love the bare, grey, shivery landscape of November.
Now, the beautiful blogs I'd like to pass along to! These ladies have lovely blogs and serve to brighten my day in one way or another on a regular basis. Thanks!

...and of course, as usual, I'm leaving out a lot of blogs I adore for the sake of playing along. Sigh--know that if I read you, I love you!
What's your current favorite?


Audra said...

Love your seven favorites -- I especially covet your coat!! It sounds perfect! Thanks for thinking of me -- I appreciate it! I'll have to meditate on my favorites now! :)

Julie said...

You secretly love the November landscape?!? I will try to channel you when I walk outside and think how bleak it all looks. Sigh, maybe if I had the perfect wool coat from Great-Aunt Georgie! (Btw, I'm going to have to steal that name for a character some day. :D)

Rowenna said...

Audra--it's a cold, wet sort of day here, good for thinking about favorites!

Julie--I do! I can't explain why, just do. I hope it doesn't ruin the name if I tell you that Great-Aunt Georgie's real name was Clara. She was so not a Clara.

dolleygurl said...

Thank You for sharing the award with me! And I can't wait to begin playing my Christmas music either!