Monday, November 22, 2010

Because Sometimes You Need a Gin...

Friends of ours hosted a Prohibition-themed party a couple weeks ago. Of course, we took the illegal side of Prohibition, not the law-abiding side. Though either side would have featured men in awesome three-piece suits and fedoras, ladies in kicky cocktail dresses, and great ragtime and jazz music. Some highlights:

a) One friend of ours brought amazing homemade beer (brew, ferment, or still your own was a Prohibition staple) and those who chose martinis had their prepared shaken, not stirred, in a Mason canning jar. Nifty!

b) The Fatwich. Our host prepared food he'd researched to the period (when reenactors have parties, this is what happens), and discovered that sandwiches in the 1920s were not precisely health food. The version he chose had bacon, cheese, onion sauteed in butter, and more butter. With butter.

The fatwich begins:

Do I look content? I should. That's fatwich in front of me. It was delicious.

3) There was a back room for the gamblers. Ok, no gambling actually took place. But there was a lively game of whist.

4) Dancing! A couple of us dance dweebs busted a move--and yes, that's an old crank phonograph in the back!

5) An excuse to wear my grandma's pearls. My grandma's pearls are not the traditional "grandma's pearls"--they're the crazy-long string around my neck in these photos. Grandma was a teenager and young adult during the 1920s--she had a sweet bob haircut and learned to dance the Charleston on her neighbor's front porch. When I got married, I got her old furniture. All the drawers were swollen shut from humidity, and when they finally opened, I got to go through the stuff--I found this and a few other flapper-style necklaces in a sliding compartment in the dresser.


Kat Zhang said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! And who can say no to a three piece suit? :P

Ax said...

Aww great story about Grandma Ruby. I think she'd think it was pretty cool the old pearls got a night out.

Audra said...

Such fun! My wife and I do a monthly dinner club with three other couples and our theme last spring was Prohibition. We were all surprised to learn what foods were hot or new (like canned pineapple). None of us were dressed as sharply as you or your guests, tho!

Rowenna said...

Kat--no kidding! My SO looked quite dapper!

Ax--It's crazy to think of Grandma Ruby as a teenager, but I bet she was a lot of fun back then. And seriously adorable hair!

Audra--Sounds like fun! Canned pineapple--should have had some of that with my fatwich to healthen things up a bit!

dolleygurl said...

My boyfriend and I were just talking about hosting a Prohibition party! Now I have some more ideas!

Sarah Johnson said...

That looks like so much fun, and your outfits sure look swell!

Rowenna said...

Dolley--it was so much fun! Enjoy planning yours!

Sarah--thanks! Getting dressed up is half the fun :)