Wednesday, November 17, 2010

200th Post Celebration!

Huzzah! It's my blog's 200th Post Birthday! (Not, mind you, post-birthday--that sounds oddly morbid.) And I want to celebrate with all of you!

A while ago I blogged about finding myself wonderfully distracted, and how distraction makes for great inspiration. I thought it would be fun to do a link-and-share sort of thing, where I post something to distract/inspire you, and you post what you were inspired to create, and we all link so we can all see the varied, branching directions inspiration takes us.

I also said there would be free stuff...

So! To celebrate my 200th post, I want to have an inspirathon blogofest with you!

In the spirit of the dwindling gold of autumn, and the swift arrival of frosty winds, and the warmth of the Thanksgiving holiday next week, your distraction, a simple little video with some truly evocative music:

I hope it inspires you to share something with the rest of us! Writers--perhaps a poem, flash fiction, or even just a rumination. Artists--a favorite photograph, a sketch, a video. Musicians--fire back a piece of your own. Anyone--I'm put right in the mood to list or write about things I'm thankful for. Or to pull out a homecoming sort of memory.

Now, for the fun part, just post whatever you create and link to it via Monsieur Linké below, and link your post to this one so that your readers can explore what other folks did. I'll leave the linky open and have a big, fat button to get to this post front and center until December 4 (I want to give you NaNoers a chance to play, too!).

And...because I said there would be free stuff...the first 10 to link it up will receive a paperback book of poetry, just in time to cozy up with a cup of tea and a blanket.

So, in short:

1) Get distracted
2) Get inspired
3) Get creative and post something on your blog
4) Link your post to this one via Mr. Linky below, and link this post to yours in your blog entry
5) Get a cozy book
6) Go visit others' entries--and start again with get distracted.


Audra said...

Oh, lovely challenge -- esp when Boston is looking awfully gray. I'll see if I can't find myself getting distracted... ;)

Marg said...

We are at the opposite end of the weather scale! I just wanted to say congrats on reaching 200 posts!

Ax said...

Sweet video! And happy 200 posts! It's a good feeling, isn't it?

Julie said...

Congrats on 200 posts! Please drop by my blog - I've given you a blogging award!

Rowenna said...

Thanks so much, ladies! Audra--have fun creating something! Marg--thanks for stopping by :) Ax--it is a great feeling! Julie--Whee! I'm heading over!