Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sublime Distraction

I was driving to my parents' house last weekend for a visit, and my timing was perfect--the fall leaves have bloomed like a million flame-colored flowers, the sky was that inordinate shade of blue reserved for midautumn, and the drive was just beautiful. I pulled some old CDs I hadn't listened to in a while...

...and somewhere on Interstate 31 heading north, surrounded by a whirlwind of falling leaves and harvested fields the color of flax, I got so completely distracted by a piece of music I hadn't heard in years that it's a good thing the Midwest is flat because I probably would have driven off the road otherwise.

It got me thinking about inspiration. We've talked about that before here, and many of you have, as well. But I realized--so much of inspiration is distraction. It's in the things that pull our attention when we "should" be doing something else, the little details that arrest our thoughts for a few minutes.

And clearly it was a long drive with little else to do besides look at beautiful autumn scenery and listen to music, because I began to scheme. Wouldn't it be fun, I thought, to try to distract you with something, and see how it inspires you. And even more fascinating--to see how different all the results of that inspiration are! And wouldn't it be even more fun to link all your responses, and have fun prizes or contests and other stuff.

So--let's give this a try. Sometime soon I will post a distraction--it might be a film clip, a piece of music, a painting, anything. I'll have Mr. Linky set up to collect your posts. And you can post anything you create in response to my attempt to distract you--writers can post a poem, a short narrative, a vignette; artists can post a sketch or photograph; history goofballs and seamstresses can post a design or creation.

And, since this is the first go, everyone who links gets a prize. Really. In the future maybe we'll do contests or the like, but this time--everyone is a winner :)

What do you think--sound like fun?


Nicole MacDonald said...

Sounds interesting :) And I can't drive and listen to Evanescent - puts me in all the fighting scenes in my novel and I totally forget where I am ;p good thing my friend drives most the time!

Kat Zhang said...

Sounds awesome. Can't wait :)

Rowenna said...

Yay! I hope you ladies come back to play :)

mesmered said...

Not sure how to play, but would love to join in!

Sharmon said...

Sounds like a great idea. I'm not sure what I could contribute, but maybe I'll get inspired from the others.