Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Peacock 1930s Gown--Nearly Finished!

In celebration of having a mere length of hem to stitch before it's complete, a quick glimpse at the 1930s peacock gown.

It also needs to be pressed. Clearly.

We didn't try very hard with these shots. My husband is not adept at photography, our living room is a less than ideal studio, and I'm trying to strike a pose that doesn't make me look like I have a pizza pooch (I had eaten a few slices moments before slipping into the dress--poor choice on my part). We will not be taking the fashion photography world by storm as a combo photographer-model team anytime soon.

I plan to take a bunch of photos at our destination this weekend--the gown and the turn-of-the-century architecture will pair nicely. I really, really hope I don't forget my camera.

But for now, a quick close-up at the bodice, which became my archnemesis during the construction of this gown. The muslin worked perfectly, but the charmeuse lacked the oomph to stand up to my...ah, frame. So not only was the drape all wrong, but I felt a touch exposed.

I solved my issue with some additional support and some artful draping. At least, I hope it's artful. And I'm particularly pleased with the asymetrical shoulder straps--the bitty one on the right is what the original pattern called for; the large drape on the left is the one I improvised to match the knots and loops of the front piece. And an improvisation it was--I put on the dress and just started pinning a tube of fabric to myself. Quite literally to myself at times. I have never more earnestly wished for a dress form.

The "new" bodice makes this piece far less 30s--which I'm ok with. The original pattern was, on top, almost too close to lingerie for me to pull off gracefully. The new twist, with the drapes, was really fun to experiment with, makes the dress more wearable for my shape, and modernizes the style a little without losing the 30s sweep and slink.

More to come :)


Danni Barnum said...

GORGEOUS darling! Simply GORGEOUS!
In other news...these photos made me think of your apartment....and made me realize it's been over 2 YEARS since my last treck to Btown. What?!?!?! I miss you terribly. I must remedy my lack of trecking soon. As in ASAP.

Let's talk.

Kat Zhang said...

How lovely :) I'm so jealous of your sewing skills!

Isis said...

I think it looks good anyway!

Connie said...

It looks lovely!! And so do you.

Hema P. said...

Gorgeous, Rowenna! I'll stay tuned for the finished version (though, this looks pretty finished to me!) of the dress :).

Rowenna said...

Thanks!! I'm looking forward to "debuting" the dress tomorrow :)