Monday, October 4, 2010

The Old College Try

My husband and I have been taking swing dance lessons this semester. To be fair, we've been dancing East Coast style for years together, so the beginnings of the lessons are a little slow. I've been spicing it up by taking the first part of the series as a lead instead of a follow--we needed extra leads, and it's fun to know how to dance either part. You can see photos from the 30s and 40s of dances in which girls are dancing with one another, so the willing-man shortage is nothing new. We're very much looking forward to what comes next--Lindy Hop. I've been bugging my husband to learn lindy for years, to have the option when a song is better suited to lindy than east coast.

All this dancing has made us look into other, perhaps lesser-known styles from the swing era. One of our favorite finds is the collegiate shag:

Now, the only downside to the dance is that you cannot, as my husband did, walk into a crowded coffee shop and loudly tell your companion "We should try the collegiate shag sometime." It means different things to the uninitiated.

Anyone else have any experience with historical dancing styles? Any favorites to pass along?


Kat Zhang said...

Hahaha! Bet that earned you guys some weird looks ;P

I love dancing, though, and after hearing about all the fun a friend of mine is having at her swing dance club at her uni, I'm wishing there was one here!

Rowenna said...

Kat--it was funny, though there was one older gentleman who may have actually known what we meant!

Swing club is the best! I love that ours is super-nice and everyone dances with everyone--no snobbery!