Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1778 or 1943...

Of course I forgot my camera this weekend. Fortunately, I have friends who are more camera-conscientious than I am. A few choice shots:

Before the battle--the British line troops venture out from their position behind the fence. Notice how they left their packs behind.

Little did they expect the Congressional forces to deploy from a narrow path in the woods--aha! The company below is an amalgamation of the sad remnants of three units--I suppose the rest have been lost in battle, or perhaps are ill. Or perhaps didn't manage to show up this weekend. Regardless, below, we have the French Lauzan's Legion (light blue), the First Dragoons(dark blue and red), and the Continental Marines (green). Which makes them, we decided, the First Continental Allied Legion of Seahorses.

And they put up quite an impressive rate of fire. And see? I'm in the picture, too. I'm the straw hat on the far right-hand side.

A slight distraction emerges from the undergrowth--Loyalist rangers.

No worries, supporters of the Cause of Liberty (and terribly sorry, Loyalists)--the Congressional forces took the day.

And we had enough energy at the end of the day to slip forward a couple hundred years to take a spin on the dance floor.

How--and when--was your Labor Day Weekend?


Jill said...

Nice! I like the 1940s dance move and clothes. How very lovely to give your soldier a spin after his harrowing battle.

Jillian said...

Oh, gosh, I'd love to do that! It looks so fun!! (Both eras!)

Nicole MacDonald said...

Ooo oo LOVE the 1940's dancing and clothes!


Hema P. said...

How cool, Rowenna, that you got to re-enact history (though battles are not my favorite part of history - too heartbreaking to think of all the consequences on both sides)!

Also, thank you so much for your continued support of my blog!

Sharmon said...

Love the smooth moves! Did you sew this suit? So sharp! When will you get to wear the peacock blue?

Rowenna said...

Jill--Thanks! Swing dancing is one of my favorites :)

Jillian--I think you'd have a blast :)

Nicole--Thanks! I love that jacket but can't really get away with wearing it in the modern world :)

Hema--Love reading your blog :) The battles are such a small part of it that get so much attention--I try to engage our spectators talking about other facets of life during the time period.

Sharmon--I didnt' actually sew this, it's a mashup of new and vintage clothes. The blue dress will make its debut here first, then will get worn for the Navy Birthday Ball in October :)

mesmered said...

This is so fantastic! You are quite utterly amazing. I've never met anyone involved in historical reenactments and being a lover of all things historical I am in awe.

LOVE the WW II clothes and dancing.

Haley said...

I'm having a relaxing night catching up on your blog. Boy that looks like a lot of fun! I'm jealous you get to reenact multiple eras!

I'm currently focusing on the Civil War but I've had a nagging idea for a while that takes place during the American Revolution. When I finally sit down to write it I'll be coming to you with lots of questions!