Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Interrupt this Regularly Scheduled Weekend... bask in the delightfulness of having just finished editing the WIP. Sweet sighs. General elation at having deduced the best way to write the final remaning scene. Ignoring inevitability of returning for another edit/rewrite/barrel of monkeys and colorful pens. Instead focusing on date with laptop at coffeeshop tomorrow morning to write what will most likely be the last original scene for this novel...bittersweet.

And, of course, hopping on the research train for the next project! Um, whoever has had Sahib: The Story of the British Solider in India 1750-1914 checked out from my library for the past eight months could you please return it? Thisclose to ordering on Amazon. Any guesses as to the next project? Hints...involves India and the British somewhere between 1750 and 1914. And my second-favorite pair of characters I've ever created (salvaged from another scrapped piece o' work o' mine). First place on favorite characters, by the by, goes to Hadley and Jamison, the comedic turn-of-the-century geriatric explorers who emerge in the car whenever my husband and I are driving anywhere. An example:

Hadley! Where the devil are you, Hadley?
Why, Jamison, don't get in a dither. I was just scouting the best location to begin hacking our way through this dem jungle.
Hang it all, Hadley, you're holding the map the wrong way. (Please note--Hadley is indeed holding the map the wrong way.)
Don't be ignorant, Jamison! We just need to head off this way...(Disappears into treacherous undergrowth.)
Hadley, where the devil are you?
Right over here!
You're about to walk into a nest of highly venomous ground bees, Hadley, do be careful.
Oh, don't be obdurate, Jamison! Now, why in the world was I holding the map all cockeyed....

You may now return to your regularly scheduled weekend. Apologies for Hadley and Jamison.


Kat Zhang said...

Congratulations, Rowenna!! :D

Miss Rosemary said...

Hooray! You must feel so accomplished (I've never quite made it to this point so I salute you :) )

GentlewomanThief said...

Oh, congratulations!! That's one round of hard work done - well done. I hope you're going to reward yourself with something fun and indulgent!

sharmon said...

Congrats and I'm trying not to be envious! I just finished this chunk of edit yesterday and have one chunk left to go (170-odd DS pages. And this is only the first edit! eek!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yay! What an accomplishment! That is bittersweet -- to finish. (I wouldn't know, mind you.)

The new project sounds fascinating. :-)

I hate it when people keep rare library books.

- Corra

Anonymous said...

congratulations! :)
(and good luck!)

Rowenna said...

Thanks for the good wishes! Last scene written yesterday--needs some work, but it's there. Sigh. Will need to let it sit for a while and gain some perspective, methinks.

Lua said...

Oh, congratulations Rowenna!!! This is fantastic news :) I know it feels like a bittersweet goodbye but don't worry- you'll have more time to spend with your characters when you start with your revision :)

Rowenna said...

PS Corra--I know re: library books! I've had my eye on this one for months, it was set to come back in at the end of July, and then whoever has it renewed it! Argh!

Lua--Thanks! In my wildest of hopes the revisions are almost complete...but I know we'll be visiting a while longer, anyway.