Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Giveaway--A "Shift" in Plans

Hello all! A quick update on the shift/shirt giveaway. I've had excellent news in regards to my local Post Office--they seem to have restructured their overseas shipments to go through their central location, which means I now trust them more. (It was the eensy rural post office that seemed to eat overseas shipments for lunch--seriously, I caught them with a flat rate envelope and a bottle of ketchup once). So...


The gist and the rules are still posted further back, but to make things simple, you may enter there or here--remember to include your email address, and if you've mentioned this elsewhere on any social media for extra entries. Must be a follower (through any kind of feed, just let me know) to enter.

Deadline extended through Sunday August 8 to allow time to make up for my indecision and allow international friends to enter.


Isis' Wardrobe said...

Well, then I can't resist commenting, of course! As of now not mentioned elsewhere, alas.


GentlewomanThief said...

Weeeeee!! I am a bit (LOT!) excited! How awesome :D Well done that post office.

I have posted on my blog about it, too.

Good luck everyone!

quintefoil at hotmail .com

Lua said...

Oh YAY!!! This is such a good news- now I can enter :)

GentlewomanThief said...

Just realised I got my email address wrong! Duh - quintefoil at hotmail XD