Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Creativity, Inspiration, Lather, Rinse

First off, a belated but huge thank-you to Nicole over at Damsel in a Dirty Dress (love that blog name!!) for the following:
I have to say, I'm honored--I don't think of what I do as inspiring creativity, but rather just sharing my musings and progress with ya'll. But the rules on the award--to pass this along to three outstandingly inspiring blogs--got me thinking about the cycle of creativity and inspiration.

I wrote on Monday about one link between my sewing and my writing; in short, I noticed how those two creative outlets feed on one another quite a bit. I find myself designing ensembles for my characters (especially the eighteenth-century ones) that never see the light of day in either the writing (lands, how boring would that be to read?) or in my sewing room (project overload). But on occasion they cross over. As you can see from Monday's post, my dreams of the perfect peacock blue sacque were born out of a character's wedding dress. And the 1930s Peacock Gown has me thinking--there is a story in this dress somewhere. I may have to write it.

So inspiration and creativity seem, to me, like a cycle--one is inspired by something, lets that inspiration out in a little burst (or a long marathon) of creativity, only for that endeavor to serve as inspiration for another. And when we're all spurring one another's creativity, what a tempest of inspiration!

All this to say, not at all succinctly, that it's very difficult for me to pluck the most inspirational blogs from those I visit frequently. Your very presence is inspiring. And everyone reading here now--your kindness in dropping in to say hello and share a thought inspires me more than almost anything else. If you're reading, feel free to snag this award. Seriously.

And, to play along as best I can, three categories of inspiration, with outstanding representatives in each:

The Book Blogs: You inspire me because, first and foremost, you read. And I do, too, but I write, as well. So you remind me that there is a voracious audience for good books, and that inspires me to write my best and to never give up my hopes of publication. You guys keep reading and blogging, and I'll keep growing my TBR list. Dolley, your posts have been nothing but droolworthy lately.

The Writer Blogs: You inspire me because you're there. Writing, editing, revising, you're in the trenches and the crazy thing? You love it. And that reminds me why I love it, and why, even if I'm nuts, I'm among friends. Plus, your courage to post your work for the rest of the world to read--well, it inspires me to come out of my shell a little, too. Lua--you are incredible in this regard, as are you, Miss June. But really, you all encourage me.

The Seamstress Blogs: I love pretty things. You make pretty things. Perfection. Isis, Gentlewoman Thief--you create such lovelies, and share your inspiration, and what's more, you encourage my endeavors. Keep making pretty things, we need more of them in the world!

As always around here, you can play along or not--I don't ask that you participate in the blog-award thing if you'd prefer not to, so this comes with no strings attached. Just this one--keep on creating, and I'll keep on being inspired.


Hema P. said...

Lovely post, Rowenna! It is funny how inspiration somtimes hits us from the most obvious and sensible sources, but how it also sometimes sneaks up on us at the unlikeliest times from the least expected avenues, right?

Your sentence "there is a story in this dress somewhere" had me laughing out loud! May you sew more outfits and ensembles that make your brain go out on tangents! :) said...

I'm so glad I came across your blog; up till recently I haven't spent time reading what other writers say, except my best writing buddy (who is very inspiring!). It's so great to see and hear you get inspired and then it catches...I not only bought (yet more Waverly) fabric for sewing (yet more) porch cushion covers and living room drapes, but I am intrigued to get back to the Victorian portion of my contemporary novel.
Award well-earned. You go girl!

Kat Zhang said...

Congratulations, Rowenna! :)

Isis' Wardrobe said...

Thank you so much, Rowenna! And likewise!

Nicole MacDonald said...

Well I find you pretty inspiring *grin* obviously

GentlewomanThief said...

Congratulations, my dear - you really DO inspire others, you know, so I'm glad you now have the 'proof' :) A much deserved award!

And thank you so much - you're so kind. My own inspiration is flagging a little at the moment, so reading this has given me a great boost!

As for writing and stitching complimenting each other - I am totally with you on that one! (My 18th century ideas are very much informed by WWQW - What Would Quin Wear?) Prue Batten did a great post about another way they work together that you might like:
A novel grows and so do our sewing projects, but sometimes the visual progress of sewing is a help to keep going on that sometimes less tangible writing progress - except Prue says it much better than that!

Again, congrats and thanks to you! :)

Rowenna said...

Hema--thanks! It's funny where we find some of our most inspiring moments! The more I think about it, the more that story is coming to life even before the dress is finished...

Sharmon--glad you found me, too! Good luck with your sewing projects--I love making things for around the house, so much fun but feels so utilitarian, too!

Kat, Isis, Nicole--many thanks :) You all put a smile on my face!

GWT--Many thanks, and many thanks for the link! WWQW--I hear you. I always seem to have one character who knows what she's doing with clothes!

Rowenna said...
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