Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Great Linen Giveaway!

Now Closed--Winner Announced The Week of August 9

The gist: My faithful blog readers have helped me to select a stockpile of shifts and shirts as my next project. As I'll be assembly-line producing a decent number of them, sewing one more for a friend is no great matter.

The goods: The winner may select a woman's shift or man's shirt. Ladies may select either an eighteenth-century three-quarter sleeved shift (Seven Years War/Revolutionary War/Georgian) or a short-sleeved early nineteenth century shift (Napoleonic/Regency). The item shall be of fine white linen, plain neck and sleeve finishing. Machine-sewn (sorry, no hand-sewing on this one). It's the perfect start for your period costume, or makes quite a romantic nightgown.

The rules:

1) Leave a comment here to enter. Include an email address, please, for verification that you're a real person. I'll ask that you email me if you're the lucky winner!
2) Must be a follower to enter--if you follow through an RSS feed or Google Reader and aren't showing up here...let me know :)
3) You may earn an additional entry for each way you link back to this giveaway--a blog post, Facebook link, Tweet, whatever. Let me know in the comments for extra entries. (Same comment or more than one comment is ok.)
4) Entry to remain open here until August 6th. Deadline may be extended at discretion of blog owner, but shall not be shortened.
5) A winner will be selected at random.
6) The winner shall be patient, as this project will be completed in stages--but you can see the progress online!

Good Luck!


Connie said...

A linen shift sounds wonderful. I made one before that I use as a nightgown, but it was made from cotton. So I'd love to be part of your contest. BTW, I've included a link to your blog on mine.

Lua said...

Oh I wish I could join- but I’m all the way in Istanbul! But I love the idea, a linen shift sounds amazing :)

angela said...

Ooo would love a shift of linen. I am entering in for a chance. Sweet

email -

my blog:

What an honor to have a chance. Angela

dolleygurl said...

What an interesting giveaway! I would love to be entered.

email - dolleygurl[at]hotmail[dot]com

I tweeted -

and I am a follower.


Kat Zhang said...

WOW! This is so cool, Rowenna! I never enter contests (especially those won by drawing, because I'm definitely not one with a lot of luck, lol), but I can't help entering this one!

My email is katzhang3 AT gmail DOT com

I follow you on Google Reader, and I'm tweeting this right now :)

(Are you on twitter? I definitely want to follow you if you are! I'm @KatZhang)


sharmon said...

I come to you via Connie's blog @ Merry Heart; she's my good writing buddy. Love your site; you've got me inspired to do some of my own sewing projects. I'd love a chance to win a linen shift or shirt. I'd post it on my blog, but it isn't up and running yet. said...

I just noticed I didn't leave an email address for the linen drawing--I thought I did. Oops. It's Thanks!