Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blog Awards...and Blogs You Should Check Out

The lovely Noelle at selestielle.wordpress.com was kind enough to tag me in her recent spate of blog awards. So I am now the recipeint of:

Thanks, Noelle! The rules for the awards are:

1) Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award. (Check!)
2) Share 7 things about yourself. (Hmmm...)
3) Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic for whatever reason! (In no particular order…)
4) Contact the bloggers you’ve picked and let them know about the award.
So I see this as a chance to let you know some of the blogs I appreciate on a nearly daily basis--some of these have probably already been tagged, and if you as a recipient don't like to participate in these kinds of thingies, that's fine--I just want other readers to know about you!

Here's my list of fifteen blogs you should check out, in no particular order:

1) The Gentlewoman Thief : This lovely lady blogs about her forays into sewing, history, and most especially the eighteenth century. Her can-do attitude as she tackles new projects is inspiring!

2) Connie at A Merry Heart : A delightful pre-published writer whose work I can't wait to see on the shelf--if she writes a novel anywhere near as amusing as her observations on her day-to-day life, I'll be hooked!

3) Kat at The Katakomb : Another writer working in the trenches of drafting, editing, and preparing to query. Really insightful thoughts on writing, and always with an optimistic outlook.

4) Arabella at Jill's Writing World : Yet another writer, also a touch obsessed with history as am I. Watch for her to post lovely Spanish poems and their translations!

5) Lua at Bowl of Oranges : I'm on a roll with the positive writers who blog! And Lua is also a keen observer and always gets right to the emotional heart of what she wants to express.

6) June at Miss Bluestocking : A fellow lover of all things historical, June is well on her way to being your new favorite romance writer.

7) The Dreamstress : I could spend hours drooling over the myriad photos she displays of period clothing and her reproductions. Madam, you have convinced me that I want--no, need--a chemise de reine, post haste.

8) Corra, the Victorian Heroine : Beautiful, informative blog on history, often focusing on facets that touched women's lives. I always learn something, and she's pulling me into an era I never cared much for before!

9) Ax at Farm and Lit : Not only am I related to this fascinating woman, she writes a mean book review, description of how to deal with contrary cattle, and muses on life in general, all in one fell swoop.

10) Isis' Wardrobe : More historical clothing lovelies, and a charming seamstress. Plus thoughts and reviews on repro cosmetics.

11) Miss Rosemary at Disgruntled Writer's Circle : Wide-ranging topics from the aspiring writer for the fellow aspiring writer.

12) Cheating, but--Historical Tapestry's Alphabet Challenge. The entire blog is great, but this challenge is superb--easy to participate in, easy to meet and read other bloggers through it. Not to mention a great conduit for feeding your To-Be-Read Book Stack.

13) All the Ladies at Let the Words Flow : Read the blog, read their individual blogs, feel enlightened about the world of writing and publishing. It's that simple.

14) Leah at Accidental Adventures : A fellow history nut who's also into all things French? Yes, I'll read! Really lovely accounts of travels both physical and book-induced.

15) Symbolically left blank--for the many bloggers I know I haven't mentioned and those I am sure to discover in the future!

And, the harder one, seven things about me...and I'll try to not make these things you can already tell from the blog (it would be cheating, wouldn't it, to say "I like history" and "I make and wear silly old-fashioned clothes").

1) I majored in history in college--that's probably a given--but I also majored in French. Si on aime les livres anglais du 18ieme sielce, on doit lire les livres francais! I didn't grammar-check that. One of my favorite French profs once said that the best way to tell what gender a noun is was to ask me and then pick the opposite of whatever I said. Grammar was not my strong suit--I planned to minor in French but after sitting through grammar class (and managing an A, thank you very much) decided I'd better get the most I could out of that horrific experience and went for the major. Lit and history courses were much more exciting!

2) I used to work for a handmade paper and invitation studio. So I'm kind of anal about invitation etiquette. My lasting contribution to the business was the creation of the color "Smoky Blue"--we made all our paper by recycling other papers, so I spent hours with a blender and various colors of shredded paper, mixing it like paint to find the right shade.

3) I've been a bridesmaid in three weddings. For two, I had to wear bright pink. Bright pink, aside from neon green and wacky tangerine, is my least favorite color. Don't tell the brides.

4) I really like to sing, and I think (maybe?) I have a nice enough voice, but I'm horrifically shy about it. I'll sing in a group, but I clam up if I have to sing by myself. I was very proud of myself when my reenacting group started singing old sea shanties and other songs late one night and I led a couple (General Taylor and Old Maui for those interested).

5) I really like Scotch. It's an acquired taste, but I really, truly do enjoy it. I even get sort of snooty about it and will talk about where it burns and how peaty it is and any number of goofy little things. My father taught me to enjoy Scotch, and it's one of those unspoken things we appreciate about one another.

6) My favorite place in the whole world is this historical site where we have two reenactments a year. It feels like home. My father and I (and my mother and my husband, when they come) stay in the servants' quarters, and I am thrilled from each moment I'm there--when I wake up in a drafty attic, make coffee over the fire, ramble over the gardens and the grounds, cook and sing with the other women in the kitchen, sprawl across the wide steps after dinner, gather around a bottle of Scotch and a guitar in the evening, watch the stars wink through the misteltoe tangles in the old trees. Clearly, I'm a touch infatuated.

7) My husband and I swing dance--it was our first date and we'll often pop in the Glenn Miller CD and push the kitchen table aside and dance while the dishes soak. We once won a dance contest at my high school's annual swing dance (I had graduated years before, but we went back with some friends for kicks). Obviously not stiff competition...but the show choir kids were pretty cranky that a couple old codgers took first :)

Ok, that should wrap it up! Check out some of those blogs, really--enjoyable reading!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your awards! :) I'll have to check out those blogs that I don't know yet.

Great list of 7 things, too!

Lua said...

Aww Rowenna congratulations on the awards, you truly deserve them and thank you so much for passing it along to me and for your kind words about my blog, I’m honored! :)
You speak French?! Wow, I can imagine that wasn’t easy to learn and I’m very, very impressed!
Don’t tell those brides, but bright pink- sooo not my color! ;)

GentlewomanThief said...

Congratulations on your awards - definitely deserved! And wow - thank you so very much, you're too kind :) This/these is/are my first award(s) - yay!

Locust Grove looks and sounds lovely - I am quite envious!

Rowenna said...

Thanks ladies! Lua--I still wouldn't say I speak "good" French, mind you :) Any native speaker would pick me out for a Yank right away. And GT--Locust Grove is, to me, the happiest place on Earth! If you ever find yourself in Kentucky, a must-see :)

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you thank you! I'm honored :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on receiving the award! It is very well deserved. And thanks for passing it onto me <3

Kat Zhang said...

Wow!! My very first blog award! Thank you very much for your kind words, Rowenna :) Your own award is very much deserved. I've learned so much here.

Anonymous said...

Aw, thanks so much for the award, Rowenna!! And congrats on yours.

I love the seven little notes about yourself.

Swing dancingI can't do it, but I can clap!)

I'm going to have to check out that link on #6...

- Corra

The Victorian Heroine

Isis' Wardrobe said...

Thank you so much!