Sunday, June 6, 2010

Poll Results--and New Poll for Ladies on the Battlefield Week

The last poll question posted--"If I could go on a vacation into the past, without worry of disease, war, or unalterably changing the course of history, I would pick"--was originally a "long car trip" question posed between a friend and I. Between our answers and my imagination, your choices with results:

An ancient Roman villa, where I would lounge in my tunic beside a cool fountain and dine on olives and grapes. : 11%

A Renaissance court, where I would be entertained by musicians, dancing, hunting, and lively intrigue. 33%

An eighteenth-century cosmopolitan city in the height of the social season. Weekend retreats to country estate optional. 33%

New York or Chicago in the Jazz Age--hot music, gorgeous ballrooms, passwords to all the best speakeasies. 22%

Though our Roman villa came out in the lead early in the poll, it fell behind--perhaps the languid heat of Rome seems less appealing as summer begins its steady siege on much of the readership.

Our tie for the winner--Renaissance court and The Season in an eighteenth-century city--both have the sense of "having it all"--great food, fabulous entertainment, deluxe accomodations, outdoor activities if you choose. So I can see why those came in ahead!

And our twentieth century choice, a bustling city teeming with jazz and culture, gave a respectable second place.

Two of these were my answers to the original "we're bored in the midst of cornfields" question--the latter two. I would love to experience eighteenth century social life--and let's be honest, the clothes are fanatastic. Researching my first (unpublished) novel, I got a taste of Charleston at the height of the social season--concerts, balls, plays. These people enjoyed culture and good living! And clothes. Did I mention clothes?

And in researching my second (unfinished as of yet) novel, I dove into 30s and 40s Chicago--and fell in love. The architecture, music, and dance scene were just amazing. People went out--far more than they do today--and enjoyed what the city had to offer. The character of city at that time seems vibrant and abundant.

So the new poll--in honor of our themed week next week--if you found yourself a woman in the eighteenth century (just to narrow the timeframe a bit), what lady on the battlefield would you be?


Kat Zhang said...

I voted for "An eighteenth-century cosmopolitan city in the height of the social season. Weekend retreats to country estate optional. 33%" I think I've been reading too many period novels! :P

I don't know enough about the period to answer your question for this week,

Rowenna said...

Hi Kat! Doesn't that sound like so much fun? With balls and card parties and concerts? And, erm, flirting?

As for the new poll--stick with, hopefully you'll find an answer you like throughout the week!