Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I need a New Project...

...like I need another hole in my head. But lack of sewing has started to make me go a bit stir crazy, and there's nothing like a a good stack of DVDs and some handsewing to get one through the dog days of summer.

I have four ideas of what might come next, but, dear readers, I need your help deciding. I've posted a poll at right--which of these should I tackle next?

Behind Door One: I need new shifts. Real bad. Mine are a) way too flipping big, which causes them to actually crease into my skin under my stays (super uncomfortable) b) getting old and a little discolored and c)I dislike the sleeve and neck hems on them.

Behind Door Two: I could use a new pair of stays. I've had my current pair--a super basic strapless job--for over ten years, and they're beginning to wear. I've lost boning, frayed the eyelets and the binding, and generally torn them up. They're still serviceable, but stays are a pretty big project so I'd want to start before I get desperate. I'm quite excited about this project, because I'll be engineering something kinda special with them. As my last pair lasted over ten years, I expect these to do the same--which means I want to try to make them gestational stays (that is, adjustable to wear while pregnant). No, I'm not planning on motherhood yet! But, for practicality's sake, I should made the allowances in this garment.

Behind Door Three: I want to make something pretty. Even if I don't need it. I've mentioned before my love of this subdued sacque-back. I'd also really like to make something in my favorite color, peacock blue. This project might mean that much of the time is taken up with finding *the perfect* fabric, but I'm kinda ok with that. Who cares that I'd have pretty much nowhere to wear it? I'll invent an occasion. And I'm pretty sure this will require a fantastic fabric-covered hat. With peacock feathers.

Behind Door Four: My husband's officer's kit is falling into disrepair. It's gotten to the point that I told him he needs to buy new breeches because he needs them yesterday and I don't have time to whip something up in reverse timeframes. But he also needs shirts, a decent cravat, and we're planning to start a new regimental coat pretty soon. So, in short, boy clothes. I'd also love for him to have civilian clothes, even if just a frock coat, so he doesn't have to be in uniform at non-military events we attend.

So...what to pick up next? Vote, and leave me your ideas in the comments! And I promise to post early and often about the project we pick.


GentlewomanThief said...

Right, so I've voted for the stays, but with a proviso - make the stays as they are fun and can be pretty and interesting, especially with your planned modifications, but (BUT!) keep your eye out for the perfect peacock fabric/feathers/trims, etc. When you find those, you know it's time to make the peacock. And I LOVE that sacque - I am totally with you on the prettiness of the narrower pleats.

Corra McFeydon said...

Door #3!

- Corra

The Victorian Heroine

Isis' Wardrobe said...

Too late to vote, so here's just a little tip, learned from bitter experience. If you choose a new pattern for the stays, then make the dream gown after. Otherwise one may find that the fit doesn't fit anymore... Different stays can really shape the body in new ways"

Rowenna said...

True point, Isis! It's my goal at this point in my life that all clothes have some give in them or have enough allowance to be refitted (maternity not being entirely out of the question for the next ten years or so...) but you make an excellent suggestion! Thanks!