Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just Discovered--Fab Patterns. Missing? The Last Hour of my Life...

So I have a couple events coming up that might just warrant new dresses that aren't eighteenth-century (I really need to get out more in terms of period dressing...). One is an annual USO swing dance--would be fun to make a vintage dress to go with my hat collection. I've been getting by on piecemeal separates for long enough. The other is my husband's Navy ball in the fall--why wear modern clothes when way-out-of-fashion ones are so much better?

So, browsing vintage pattern sites, I discovered the Vintage Pattern Lending Library, which is a bit of a misleading name as they do sell repro patterns, not merely lend them. And I immediately slipped into a good, uninterupted forty minutes of oogling over old patterns. I was pretty impressed with the pricing--I often see repro patterns going for over $20 a pop, and these often came in under $15.

In terms of kicky 1940s dresses, what about these numbers?

Loving the Peter Pan esque collar and the doily pockets. No, really. People just don't put doilies on pockets anymore, do they?
Love the detailing on the shoulders, but is this verging on too frumpy?

Under consideration for formal wear:

I adore the diagonal seaming and the fluid line of the lower skirts. Am not sure how well my frame will take to the top bit.

Or this Vintage Vogue pattern, already in my arsenal? I'm trying to decide if I have the chutzpah to pull off this sylph-like silhouette! But imagining it in a beautiful, drapey silk charmeuse makes me go weak at the knees, so I might have to give it a shot.

Thoughts? Preferences? Suggestions of other vintage patterns and sites I should spend more time perusing before settling on a final selection?


Lua said...

I don’t know any vintage sites but I just wanted to stop and say- wow! Those are all amazing dresses, I can’t imagine how much fun it’ll be to wear one of those! :) Enjoy the events and don’t forget to tell us which dress you picked.

Isis' Wardrobe said...


I have the Vintage Vogue one, though I doubt the gown would suit me, but I want to make the blouse and jacket.

Connie said...

I love the doily pockets!

Rowenna said...

Lua--will keep you posted! Even though the swing dance is coming up sooner, I might do the gown first...because it looks more fun and more complicated, so I'll need the time :)

Isis--I bought the pattern only half expecting to ever make the dress--what I was really covetting was the blouse! I have get to make it, though--let me know if you do!

Connie--there are just not enough doily pockets in the world :)