Monday, May 10, 2010

A Gown Like May Flowers

I went shopping yesterday--for everyday, twenty-first century stuff. It's not that I dislike shopping, but I can't help but feel a bit disappointed as I browse t-shirts and pencil skirts that nothing on the racks is nearly as flattering as my eighteenth century clothes. Plus buying clothes isn't as much fun as making them.

So, the necessity of real world clothes taken care of for the next six months or so, I went virtual window shopping at the Met Costume Institute. And I found this:

All right, how flipping cute is a perky pink striped taffetta gown with a gauzy kercheif, I ask you? It dates from the late 1780s and it's still just as kicky as ever. I adore the slightly masculine details of the wide, simple cuffs and the tabbed bottom of the bodice combined with the utter fluff of that ruffle and the cotton-candy fantasia of color. The sweep of the cut of the gown's skirts is fascinating to me, too--mine are always cut straight, but I might have to try this lovely curved sweep of the hem next time. Only nitpick--I would have placed that huge ruffle on the petticoat lower, and would have stitched the gathers in a quarter of the way down from the top rather than straight through the middle.

I think it's perfectly spring--or is it over-the-top girly? Pink isn't usually my thing, but this would be ideal for a spring stroll through the garden, clipping the peonies that are starting to bloom.


gentlewomanthief said...

Oh no, it's not OTT, it's lovely. I've been admiring this gown for a while but hadn't noticed the curve of the hem before - silly me! Go on - make it, you know you want to! ;) (And I want to see it made!)

Kat Zhang said...

I love it! (though I agree about the ruffles) I'll never get to wear a dress like that, and it's a pity :P I'd hate having to wear something like that every day...I have trouble wearing a simple skirt..but just to try on for fun would be okay.

Katy said...

Beautiful dress! It totally says spring to me!

Lua said...

When you have a talent like that, I can imagine how boring 21st century shopping must be like you! :)
But OMG! That dress is soooo beautiful! Pink is not my color either but it works for that dress… I can imagine you wearing it for a walk amongst the spring flowers… :)

Rowenna said...

Glad you all like it, too! Kat--I think we should all get to wear dresses like this at least once! Find any old excuse... :)