Sunday, May 23, 2010

And I a word of caution for writer-friends

...rather sunburned, quite tired, and still smelling vaguely of pork despite showering. Even so, when you're hanging with the group I run around with (in the eighteenth century) anytime is a fun time.

And, writer-friends, a line from a book I'm reading that illustrates the importance of proofreading (no, I will not say what the book is, save to say I'm enjoying aside from this foible, and I've rephrased slightly to protect the innocent):

"The new moon had risen over the trees...and glinted off the rooftops..."

I read this aloud to my astronomy PhD candidate husband, who almost laughed us into a ditch (he was driving) because a new moon is the lunar phase when you can't see the moon. So there really isn't any way to comment on its rising, and you certainly wouldn't see its light reflected in much of anything.

So--take heart. Everyone makes silly mistakes when they write. It's ok. But eagle-eye beta readers and crit partners save you from embarassment in print form :)

**A useless but interesting tidbit from conversation with astronomer-husband: New moon, in other cultures, can refer to the first crescent moon after what we call the new moon. So, benefit of the doubt for the author of the above foible--perhaps s/he is unfamiliar with the more common connotation of "new moon."


Lua said...

Ah- I can’t tell you the silly mistakes I make in my first draft!! :) And I agree with you %100, beta readers are lifesaver. It’s so easy to miss your own mistakes and then stare in awe at the lines they crossed with red pen “how did I miss that?!”

It’s very interesting what you said about the new moon, in our Culture (Turkish Culture) the new moon does refer to that, the “the first crescent moon after what we call the new moon” :)

Rowenna said...

Oh, I know--I have plenty of what was I thinking?!? moments in writing!

Very cool about the meaning of new moon in Turkey! In a lot of ways, that meaning makes more sense. It's the first moon after no moon, so it's new, right?