Friday, April 16, 2010

Locust Grove--Falling Back into Spring

My favorite place in the world is Locust Grove, a 1790s plantation house and the remnants of its grounds in Louisville, KY. I get to head down this afternoon to spend a weekend living there This is why I love it:

1) I've been attending a spring event on this site with the same people for over a decade--it's like homecoming. Plus, these are people I've known since I was a tiny one--they're like family.

2) Lilacs. A whole garden full of lilac hedges. And an avenue of dogwoods. And twining redbuds right in front of my door. Spring bliss.

3) Staying in a reconstructed servants' quarters on the grounds. Nothing feels more like immersion into the eighteenth century than waking up in a sleeping loft, dressing in the dark, pattering down steep stairs to a stone-walled, brick-floored room with a fire already stoked and light streaming in through warped glass windows.
4) It's a truly great house museum that features beautifully renovated interior and exterior, as well as gorgeous grounds and multiple outbuildings--even the family cemetary plot remains on site. Plus, their interactive visitor center is a history not only of the house but of the American Revolution in the west and the founding of Louisville. Finally, amazing, amazing staff and incredible volunteers. Visit this place if you're ever in Louisville. Really.

5) Pie. There will be lots of pie. And Brunswick stew cooked on a six-foot long hearth. Seriously, six feet if it's one--this is the kind of roaring fireplace you could cook an entire stag in.

6) Excuse to wear new block-print caraco.

See you when I'm back in the twenty-first century!

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FredAlan said...

Oh how very lucky you are! I try to make the reenactments at Locust Grove (and a few others nearby) as often as possible, but as a mere spectator. I personally think it would be grand to be able to actually live the lifestyle of the 18th Century as a way of life, outside the demands of current day.

Do you by chance have a recipe, able for sharing, for the Brunswick stew often cooked at LG? My e-mail is: brunswick (at]