Sunday, April 25, 2010

Last Call for Giveaway! and New Poll!

Just being an honest blogger and reminding one and all that today's the last day to enter in the Leaky Bookshelf Giveaway! Yes, it's good to the last drop, so jump on it, the water's fine! (OK, I like puns...)

Also--there's a new poll up. I noticed that a lot of us are history geeks...thought I'd put up a poll to see where most of us fall in our history-ophilia.

Good luck, and enjoy the rest of the weekend! Rainy Sunday afternoon here...but I'm assured that this will propigate the May flowers.

May Flowers...Peonies are my favorite :)


Cat said...

How pretty your blog looks! I've voted in the poll. I really enjoy reading. researching and writing about historical books......and if I'm travelling love to visit historic places.
I really enjoy reading about your costumes and reenactments.

Lua said...

I’m pretty excited about the giveaway! :)
When it comes to history- OK I’ll admit that I’m a geek (my main character is studying history in my story I’m posting on the blog, so I guess it’s pretty obvious) but I don’t think I could write about it- at least not yet…
But I can never get enough of reading it, especially historical romance books so I guess you know what my vote is ;)

Rowenna said...

Thanks, Cat! I wanted to spice the look up a little, and this design from made me happy :)

Lua--you should give it a shot sometime! Though it is frustrating/really fun to discover through the writing process all the things you don't know!