Thursday, April 29, 2010

The "Be Patient" Song and Writing

There's a very annoying, rather true little ditty that many Sunday School pupils learn in their formative years. It's the "Be Patient" song.

Be patient, be patient
Don't be in such a hurry
Be patient, be patient
It only makes you worry
Remember, remember
That God is patient too
And think of all the times that others have to wait for you...

As I said, incredibly annoying and even more so when you're five. And you've already been patient for a full ten minutes, which is far long than any five year old wants to be patient for.

The thing is, it's also quite true. And as a wanna-be writer in the query process, it's agonizingly true. It isn't anyone's fault that the process is slow, that manuscripts take time to read and are not top priority. It's the business, the game, the reality. The only thing I can control is me--and I know that it's a fact--being in a hurry does only make you worry.

I'm trying to learn not to worry. To everything there is a season, and the season of waiting is often a long one. I'm trying to learn that that's ok and it doesn't mean I'm doing something wrong. Even harder--learning to appreciate, if not enjoy, that season.

I'm trying to be content in my patience--and not view waiting as a burden. After all, think of all the work I've gotten done on the next book! This is becoming far more of a growing experience than merely a professional one. Other writers--how do you deal with Being Patient (and thinking of all the times that others have to wait for you--does that really help? or make you feel guilty?)

PS This song is GREAT for annoying friends, family, significant others, strangers on public transit...wait, that last one might be a touch dangerous.


Kat Zhang said...

I've never heard of that song, haha. Maybe I should sing it to myself next time I get super-itchy for something to happen--I am truly the world's most impatient person, and it gets me into trouble all the time!

I don't even know how I'm doing to deal with waiting for query replies! Guess I'll just have to keep myself very occupied..

Kathleen said...

I didn't realize we were at the same stage. I was very patient at waiting for query responses at first. Only these last couple days when I've tried to keep busy writing something else and not been very successful have I started feeling antsy. I hope you hear good news soon!

BTW, I don't know that song, either. I think it might be just as well. :)

Rowenna said...

It's better NOT to know the song...I find myself guiltily singing it to myself when I can tell I'm being too antsy!

Lua said...

‘Query process = the ultimate test of your patients’

And I admire you for turning a difficult process into something positive, where you teach yourself not to worry and be content in your patience. I truly believe good things come to those who wait :) There isn’t much we can do about the process and not much we can control once we start querying so the best we can do is try and not to torture ourselves in the process…
And off I go now to annoy some friends of mine with that lovely song! :)