Monday, March 22, 2010

Back Home Again

Sorry for the long absence--I took my first spring break trip ever three years after graduating from college and went to visit two of my best friends and my aunt in Seattle. Nope, not from Seattle--there just seems to be some sort of odd draw that calls people I know to truck west to Seattle after graduating from college. Hasn't changed, I guess, in the twenty years my aunt has been there.

I can see the appeal after a week there. It's gorgeous--a fun city to explore, Puget Sound shimmering in the horizon (yes, shimmering--because it was sunny in Seattle), the moutains visible in the distnace, interupting the sky (again, yes, visible--because again, sunny in Seattle).

And just outside the city, the beautiful Cascades. A good friend of mine from college took me out to the Cascades, and we took a sumptuous hours-long hike. He likes to take pictures:

But, really, the scenery made things easy--I took this one with a basic point-n-click:

And this is my favorite one my friend took of me--I found these tiny, translucent bell-shaped flowers hanging like droplets of water from a bush, and stopped to take a closer look. My friend suggested that we taste them. We did. They weren't too exciting.

So, a great, relaxing week with fabulous people. I'll be honest--wish I wasn't back--is moving to the Northwest in my future? OK, probably not--but I will most certainly be back.


Connie said...

Having lots of family that lives in Seattle, I have to agree that it's beautiful. But I don't know that I could cope with the hundreds of days of gray, overcast skies and the wet cold that creeps into your bones.

vrchristensen said...

I saw those photos and I thought, hmmm, that looks familiar. I grew up there! Wow! Hope you had a fabulous time. And the rain...well, that's part of the secret attraction, don't you know. You never saw anything more beautiful than that area in the spring. You turn one way to look out over the sound and the ocean, turn again to see great big snow-capped mountain peeks. It's astounding.

Rowenna said...

We had hardly any rain, just a bracing light mist one chilly morning, so I suppose I can't make fair judgement on the weather.

I think spring wherever "home" is is the most beautiful thing in the world, Val--I was sitting at the base of a waterfall with snow-capped peaks in the distance, thinking how nothing is lovelier than Indiana's redbuds in April. Which labels me a hayseed for life, I guess.

Lua said...

Wow- those are some amazing pictures! Talk about nature :) I’m so glad to hear you had a good spring break trip, I know you feel reluctant to come back but it looks like you’ve made some great memories…:)

Kathleen Wall said...

Great photos! It's been on my list of places to visit forever... maybe someday. I'm glad you had such a wonderful spring break. :)

Rowenna said...

Thanks, Lua! It was a wonderful, memory-making trip. And Kathleen--you must cross it off your list. Make sure to drive down the coast while you're there, too--wild and divine!