Thursday, February 25, 2010

Poll results

Results are in! What's your favorite period to read, write, or recreate?

Ancient up through Medieval--lots to enjoy in antiquity! (37%)
The Renaissance--brocades, velvets, allure... (0%)
Exploration, Colonization, Revolution--so much happening in such fabulous clothes! (37%)
Regency, Victorian, Edwardian--delicate flower-women, romantic men, an undercurrent of smoldering je ne sais quoi... (25%)
The Twentieth Century--tragedy of the Great War, excess of the Roaring Twenties, glamour of Old Hollywood and the conflict and romance of WWII (0%)

I have to admit--I was a bit surprised not to find any Renaissance-ophiles. Less surprised that the Twentieth Century didn't get much love--after all, many of us remember a decent chunk of it!

As for me, my favorite is the same as one of the high scorers--Exploration, Colonization, Revolution. Honestly, I can take or leave Exploration--I'm an eighteenth-century nut, all around, fascinated by the intellectual, sartorial, political, cultural, and domestic history of the period. Can you tell?

That's me hauling a box! It wouldn't be fun except it's an eighteenth-century styled box and I'm wearing stays! So it's fun! I'm also freezing because it's 40-odd degrees out and I couldn't wear a coat around the cannon for safety reasons! But it's still fun!

I also have a fondness for the early twentieth century, from WWI through WWII and all the dissonance and struggle in between. So many good stories, and unlike other periods of history, we still have a few folks around who can recount those stories from their own memories. This is another reason this era fascinates me--it's one of the first eras that's been properly studied through interviews and recollections of those who were there. We have the primary sources; they're still breathing. And, of course, I'm also fascinated by the complications of combining the study of history with memory. That's another post entirely.

Surprised? Want to make a last-ditch plea for why your favorite era is the bestest? Want to tell me I'm a goof for thinking it's fun to haul a box around? Hit the comments!


Marg said...

I didn't vote because quite frankly I love to read about all of those of those periods. Love reading about the Celts, and ancient Rome, love reading about the dramas associated with some of the most famous names in history during the Renaissance, and love to read stories set against WWII and WWII. And then there is so many other great times to read about as well.

missbluestocking said...

ohhhh i am immensely jealous of you! To wear such a lovely dress...OOOOH you lucky duck

Rowenna said...

Marg--I hear you :) As you can see, I fudged picking a favorite! And I still love almost any other period, too.

June--lol thanks! You're jealous of my insanity...hmmm... :D

Lua said...

I voted for the Exploration, Colonization, Revolution!
Actually I was between that and Renaissance but the eighteenth-century nut girl living inside me kind of took over…:)

Rowenna said...

I know how that is, Lua--the eighteenth century is quite hard for me resist :)

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog and really enjoyed your comparison of playing handbells and writing. I ring handbells and my wife is a novelist (Gail Gaymer Martin).
Good article.

Rowenna said...

Hi Bob! Thanks for dropping by--it's nice to meet another ringer!