Saturday, January 23, 2010

Writer's Desk

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Friend of mine June posted this on her blog months back...before I was doing much in the way of blogging myself. Loved her post at the time, and as she picked it up from someone else, thought I would pick it up and use it as well (please feel free to steal or borrow at will!).

This is where I usually work. Enlarge photo for pithy comments.

It's in the spare bedroom of the townhouse I currently live in with my husband and three cats (if you're my landlord, I was just kidding about three cats--make that TWO cats, per our lease. The third, clearly, lives in my head only. Thanks). I recently replaced my gargantuan ancient desktop with a compact laptop model and look! I can fit more things on the desk. Plus, this makes my desk moveable--this is home base, but I venture out in the world pretty often.

As a note, I notice that a lot of writers keep music handy. I don't, though I'm not sure why--I do enjoy and am inspired by music, especially classical, folk, and swing/jazz. I am a bit techoimpaired on the music, though, and tend to stick with CDs (how big of a fogey am I?) and those live elsewhere. I usually don't write and listen to music.

I also have a nice armchair on the room, for reading my stacks of library books. It smells kinda musty, but it should--it's pretty ancient as it came from my Grandma Ruby's house.

Notice that wine or coffee remain in easy reach while reading. Important stuff.

Because she's already been mentioned twice, a close-up shot of the photo of Grandma Ruby. Not only does she have amazing hair in this photo (talk about a lady who could carry a bob well!), she's one of my inspirations--she was a really bright woman who went out of her way for education (she moved from her hometown to live with her sister in order to go to high school). Because of when she lived and the circumstances of her life, she didn't leave behind a legacy outside her family, but she inspires me to do what I'm called to do--because I can pursue whatever I want, while she wasn't able to. This is why her photo lives on my desk.

And, as a sidenote, isn't it cool how the photo came with its own frame/stand from the photographer?


Arabella said...

Your desk is much classier than mine, and a lot neater. It looks like a good place to work (I especially want the wine on my desk). I posted a similar article several months ago at Jill's Writing World.

Rowenna said...

Will check that out, Arabella! My desk is definitely not always this neat--depends on how recently I've been to the library :)

Connie said...

What a lovely work area! It's always inspiring to see other people's desks. I'll have to post a picture of mine sometime.

Rowenna said...

Please do--maybe I'm a writing voyeur, but I love to see how other people work!

Ryan said...

Love the photo of your grandma. The suit and hat I'm wearing in my blog photo is from my grandpa who immigrated to the U.S in 1949 and passed in 2008. He's the coolest Chin of them all.

I'm lucky as I have an entire Man Cave in our basement with makeshift cork walls and such to keep my ideas organized(sort of).

Ryan(Nathan's Blog)

Anonymous said...

OMG! I KNEW IT! I knew it would be a mahogony desk. Well, if it isn't mahogony, it sure looks like it. ARG and what a LOVELY armchair! I'm so jealous. I want your room! --Jealous in a nice way :D Anyway, your room is close to exactly how I imagined the author of a wonderful HR to be

...Does this comment qualify me for the contest? I'm so excited! You should hold more of these contests. As should I! But I have nothing to give away... not yet.

Rowenna said...

@Ryan--thanks for dropping by! I think I have the opposite of a ManCave--EstrogenDen?

@June--But of course you're entered! Thanks for the room jealousy (in the nice way). Someday you'll be able to deck out your writing zone just as you like it!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment - I love meeting new readers!

So, just as you have a thing for reading about how other people revise their work, I have a thing for seeing people's writing spaces - LOVE your desk! :)

We have an extra cat, too...(though we only have two, it's technically one too many!)

:) Happy writing!