Monday, January 18, 2010

Writerly Update

*Had a crazy productive weekend--5000 words, blame football. Yes, when teams my husband likes are playing, I become a football widow. Don't feel too sorry--it breeds productivity.

*Completely inspired for the ballet scene I wanted to write by this:

OK, I know little to nothing about ballet (except that, according to one of my best friend's sister, a professional dancer, I have ballerina feet--who knew?). But I know that this is absolute sheer beauty.

*Still have a full and a partial out with agents. Didn't hear from agent I was really hoping would dig my query and it's been two weeks. Need to realize I should send more than 12 queries before beginning to tear my own hair out. Beginning to truly loathe waiting.

*Learning that productivity is addictive. I don't want to go to work at all this week--I want to sit in my room, brooding and typing and going through too much coffee and wine. Mustn't waste the last hours of the holiday weekend


Anonymous said...

Holy Canoly (as Val would say), how come you didn't write about your querying stage?! I feel like I missed a whole chunk of your journey to publication! You need to fill me in via FB or whatever. Unless the querying stage passed by similar to mine: a handful of queries set & rejections & hair pulling.

Oh! And a partial and full request? OOoooh lala. I can't wait to have your books shelved at my local bookstore

Rowenna said...

Thanks June! I will message you on FB on querying...isn't it such fun?