Friday, December 4, 2009

Things to look forward to

1) My husband and I just bought a new car. He's picking it up today. I feel ridiculously stereotypically American, but it's an SUV--we needed something with plenty of interior cargo space, a roof rack (which we wheedled them to throw in free haha!) and towing. The interior space and roof rack for the reenacting tentage and supplies, and the towing for the cannon. Yes, cannon--Milton the Continental Marine cannon will be joining us at more events in the near future!

2) Looking at Christmas lights. Again, rather stereotypical, but I love driving around and looking at neighborhood Christmas lights. Date night!

3) Eighteenth-century Christmas party tomorrow. I finally finished my polonaise gown (it's more of a day, or "undress" gown, but we'll let that slide) and can't wait to play dress up! I've been working on this gown for ages--and have been wearing it for a couple of years, but with the engag├ęs missing from the sleeves and the neckline fitting poorly. Everything is ship-shape now, and hopefully wearing it will inspire me to get moving on the block-printed caraco (long jacket) I have planned as a winter project.

I hope to post pics from the party...but in the meantime, an shot of Milton in action:

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Danni Barnum said...

Congrats on the new car. And I love that you used the word wheedled. Oh Rowenna, how I miss you....