Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Today is a late day at the office--I need to finish printing several hundred accept/deny letters to the program I work for. While the printer is whirring and clacking in the background, smelling hotter and more prone to breakdown by the minute, I thought I'd take a moment to reflect on the old year, new year, Lang Syne, how no-one seems to know what Lang Syne is except that it's Auld, the usual year-end thoughts.

I tend to not be much of a resolution-er--not that I can't think of multitudnous ways in which I ought to reform myself, but I know that most resolutions last until the groundhog sees his shadow (he always sees it, doesn't he?). In the spirit of self-reformation, I try to keep things simple. Last year my resolution was to floss every day. Yes, oral hygeine took precedence over making the world a better place or cultivating my soul. It sort of worked. I don't floss every day, but the days I don't are an exception. This year...

Remembering birthdays. Or, rather more specifically, sending birthday cards when appropriate. My mother's family all sends each other cards, and as a proper grown-up, I really ought to do this, too. So, easy does it...send mail like a proper adult. Can handle this. And go.

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