Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Using History to Sell Booze--like it needed help.

A friend and fellow Dean's Company member forwarded this to me--hilarious. Tun Tavern, featured in the ad, is considered the "birthplace" of the US Marines--much of the initial recruiting occured in and around this Philadelphia watering hole after the call for the formation of the Marines from the Continental Congress (hence, they are termed "Continental Marines" for this phase of history). The ad features Mullen's company, the only Continental Marine company that we know of to have red faced regimental coats instead of white faced coats. Inane detail, but there you go.

In case you can't quite read the image, it's an ad for whiskey. I think Dean's Company needs to get a bottle of this for the Christmas party, don't you think? "A Heritage to Remember" indeed.

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