Friday, November 13, 2009

How to Charleston

My husband and I have danced east-coast swing together for years--it was actually our first date. We even won a competition once...admittedly, it was at my alma mater high school and our stiffest competitors were the show choir kids. But still, a proud(ish) moment.

Lately, we've been wanting to explore other dance styles. I know lindy, but it really isn't my preference. We've found that we love earlier-era music--twenties and thirties pieces--so thought Charleston would be a fun avenue to explore.

It's not currently being taught anywhere in our town, so we turned to the internet...only to find that the dance called "Charleston" as shown in films like It's a Wonderful Life, is not the dance called "Charleston" by modern dance instructors. We were hoping to pick up basic steps, but it seems that most people are looking at the single Charleston, not the partnered dance shown here: (yes, the best version of this on youtube is apparently in Russian).

Then we stumbled across this littl beauty--an original instruction film from the twenties. Clearly, there's more to Charleston than this step. But it's a start--and we're hitting up the kitchen floor to practice!

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