Monday, November 2, 2009

Glad to be Back

I am trying to be a reformed blogger. I fell off the wagon (or is it got on the wagon?) sometime early last spring, due in no small part to the fact that I now manage two blogs in a more professional setting, and this took the fun out of writing little snippets on my own time. Anyway, I'm now going to try to stay on the wagon (or is it stay off the wagon? where is the wagon going?) in terms of keeping up with this.

That said--I realized that my good friend Danni is also in the same wagon situation as me in terms of blogging, and her first post back was a list of things she was thankful for. Nice, Danni. So I'm going to start with "I'm thankful for Danni being a smart and beautiful woman who comes up with fabulous ideas and is my friend, and lets me copy her."

Other things, limited to last week only or this could go waaay too long:

*Locust Grove. This place is beautiful and lets us reenactors come and immerse ourselves twice a year--and thinks that we're doing them the favor.

*Pumpkin spice latte is back in season, and there is soy milk that lets lactards like me enjoy them. Yes, and a fabulous chat with a good friend over aforementioned latte.

*Actually getting requests for my manuscript from queries I sent out. This is miraculous to me. But not as miraculous as--

*Most gorgeous weather ever yesterday. I confess--I skipped church to go for a three-hour long hike with my husband. But the leaves were all golden and russet and the sky was brighter blue that it has been all fall--and probably clearer than it will be for a long time. Opportunity not to be missed--I still claim that my cathedral is a stand of birch, anyway.

Rounding things out with a pic of my "little sister" and I at Locust Grove last weekend in full retreat mode--we should have known we were in trouble when an entire company's muskets misfired at once. Err, I mean--that was planned. In the scenario script.

I'm attached to this shot because my hat looks particularly fetching...

And the action shot--I like this one because I'm holding my back like I have lumbar problems. I'm getting too old for this.

Photos from; more fun on their slideshows, including but not limited to jugglers, rat catchers, angry Germans, fixed bayonets and adorable tiny children in tiny gowns.

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Danni Barnum said...

Awww Rowenna, you are entirely too sweet....
Clearly you are more decisively back than I am. I need to get both feet back on the wagon rather than just 1 (or is it off? I can't really tell yet....)
Anyway, welcome back! Let's chat sometime eh?