Friday, January 16, 2009

Winter finds Bloomington, Indiana

The nice thing about having Fridays off is that said Fridays occasionally coincide with cold snaps, and I can stay in my (warm) bed a little longer instead of getting in my (cold) car and going to my (cold) desk. All the furnaces in Bloomington are currently a little overwhelmed, because it's never this cold here, and so it's cold almost anywhere you go.

Post-New-Year's I've started to feel a little bored--the holiday excitement is over, so with nothing else to do, and it being way too cold out to really enjoy working out my energy outside, I've been going into overdrive on decorating. I think winter brings out some sort of weird nesting instict, because I've rearranged furniture, bought a curtain rod, started making drapes, and decided on how to rearrange the stuff on the walls to form new, exciting arrangements of stuff on the walls. Banal? Yes. Better than reruns? Also yes.

Plus, it's much easier to feel legitimate about cozy indoor nesting and bundling up on the couch sorts of activities when it's cold and snowy out. The sun is out, it's a crisp, optimistic kind of cold...unusual compared to Btown's normal grey, icy, pessimistic winter cold. I could get used to this, given the option of staying a few minutes longer in my warm bed before facing the day.

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