Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!

For the first time since high school, I can say that I officially had a snow day. I forgot what an amazing feeling it is to wake up, squint outside at what looks like mountains of snow to foggy morning eyes, and think, with tired glee, "I bet I don't have school (work) today." One of the downsides of working out on a country road between Bloomington, Gosport, Paragon, and Nowhere Indiana is the half hour drive and the fact that your commute isn't exactly a priority for road crews. (The upsides include daily wildlife sightings and having an actual view out of your office window.) So, with Bloomington blanketed in what, to it, is a blizzard (10-12 inches), we knew there was no way Bottom Road (aptly named, it also floods) would be plowed this morning.

Therefore, I got to sleep in (only a little, I was already up), and do whatever I wanted all day long. It's kind of sad that I cleaned the bathroom, because, as I said, I only did things I wanted to do. Randy went to campus (even though class was cancelled) to finish homework, and when he got home we dug the car out. This winter had convinced me that I never want a wide, low-lying sedan again. Our Altima is a lovely, reliable vehicle, but it not only slides on a dusting of snow, it gets stuck on a couple of inches. We dug ourselves out, what with rocking the car and backing up and pushing and all sorts of maneuvers, then went to Menard's and bought a shovel. We then came home and started really digging out a parking spot.

After getting the car back into aforesaid spot with a bit more maneuvering, Randy broke aforementioned shovel. He's gone back to Menard's for another one. I never did trust Menard's.

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Danni Barnum said...

Aren't snow days WONDERFUL!?!?!
We have had only one since I've been here at camp (it's kinda hard to claim "travel difficulties" when you lived where you work. Hahaha.)
I am slightly disturbed by the fact that on your snow day you cleaned the bathroom (although I suppose I understand. I get into bizarre cleaning frenzies at odd times.)
And I am amused by the shovel incident.
Call me so we can talk about a little rendezvous!