Monday, January 19, 2009

Produce Section

I don't mind grocery shopping, once I'm actually there. Getting up the gumption to take a shelf census, bundle up, and drive to the store can sometimes be a little much, especially as I try to avoid the nearest Kroger grocery store, which we affectionately refer to as "Ghetto Kroger" or "KroGhetto" for short. Once I'm there, though, the list guides me and the creative possibilities built off the list are enticing distractions.

I prefer grocery shopping alone. This is partially because shopping with anyone else--a roommate, a husband--inevitably conjures the relationship between a parent and a child, and I don't like playing either part. "Can we get the tomatoes?" "No, the tomatoes are really overpriced this week." "We don't need more frozen, this one isn't on sale. And four meats on dough is three meats too many...what the heck is 'beef topping?'"

Plus, when shopping alone, I can't get talked out of purchases like mustard greens and turnips. I fought hard and won the turnip greens today (Husband thought they were spinach) but lost on the turnips and the parsnips. Turnips and parsnips, though they sound like Victorian poorhouse food, actually taste a lot like potatoes, but cost about half as much, as they have that poorhouse connotation. And even if I didn't need to watch the budget at the grocery store, I kind of like to. It makes the project a challenge instead of a classic chore. Think about how many things you've never actually eaten from the produce section. I recommend the turnip greens.

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Ax said...

Thanks for the foodie tips. I've never tired turnip greens, but it's on my grocery list now. :) The yoga routine I like is a yin yoga method and it's at Pretty fun. I recommend watching a movie or reading a book while doing it, otherwise it's kinda boring. (Yes, I know I'm violating the principles of yoga. But the yoga police haven't showed up for me yet.) Happy days!