Friday, January 23, 2009

January Hands

It's over 40 outside today, and it smells like spring. I find this terribly unfair, because in "the north" where I'm from, that smell doesn't come around until late February at best, but in Bloomington it's indiscriminate and wafts through the air in January as easily as March, despite the fact that we're weeks away from the beginnings of spring.

I don't know about anyone else, but winter has pulled a number on my skin. It's dry. I mean, really itchy, bothersome patchy dry. Especially my hands. They're peeling. It's disgusting. But I think I found a good home remedy, and I thought I'd share it in case any of my friends are also itchy-patchy-peeling hand types. I mixed equal parts olive oil and cane sugar (that "Raw" sugar stuff that's super coarse). It looks like soupy mud and smells kind of like baklava (you might want to mix some essential oils or perfume oil in with it, like I did, but don't dye it green, as I also did--it now looks like algae), but it works. Scrub it into the dry patches, rinse with warm water, and then slather on hand cream--or Badger Balm.

I could spend about three paragraphs describing how amazing Badger Balm is, and how if you coat your hands in it before washing dishes they won't dry out at all, but I'll just say I really like Badger Balm and leave it at that.

I'm heading up to my parent's house for the weekend, as sort of an escape from all responsibility, work, housekeeping, or volunteer related. I realize it seems a little juvenile to escape to the parents' house for this purpose, but, lacking vacation funds, it's a pretty decent option. Plus, I'm driving up with a friend like we used to in college, so there's some nostalgic road-trip action happening, too. Offline 'til Monday :)

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Ax said...

Hope you had a good weekend. I like Gold Bond lotion in the green bottle for sore hands. I get cracks from working outdoors in the winter and green lotion (it's actually white, but that's what we call it) helps heal open wounds. Just don't apply it to legs after shaving... unless that burning sensation appeals.