Sunday, November 30, 2008


It seems crazy that Thanksgiving has come and gone already--I've been looking forward to the days off for weeks, forgetting that a lot of both days would end up wrapped up in driving to one place or another. We spent Thanksgiving itself at my aunt's house, reminding ourselves how my mom's family puts the fun in dysfunctional. We aren'te the football watching type, so we played Trivial Pursuit instead. To be frank, my mom and I wallupped my husband and uncle pretty thoroughly. They were ready to kill us, mostly because each and every question went something like this:

"This Stetson-clad actor appeard on a 1980 People magazine cover with the phrase 'Whodunnit?"
Mom: "I have no idea."

Me: "Stetson--so it's some kind of Western? Who are some Western actors?"
Mom: "Robert Redford or something...but it's a mystery, too, the Whodunnit thing?"

Me: Wait, wasn't that around the same time as that whole "Who shot JR thing"?
Mom: Right! Dallas!
Me: What was the actor's name?
Mom: Larry Hagman!
Uncle: <flips card> You have got to be kidding me.

And on Saturday I came, I saw, I sort of conquered cooking Thanksgiving dinner at Randy's mom's house. The only caveat? The twelve pound turkey was done in two and a half hours! It was supposed to take three and a half, and when I, out of curiosity, checked it early, it was kind of a surprise. At least I didn't leave it in until it turned into a styrofoam-dry inedible turkey-shaped blob.

Hope everyone's recovered from their food comas!


Danni Barnum said...

I can just see you and your mom with Randy sitting there going "what the heck is going on!!!!" You guys are so smart.

I am glad thanksgiving was good! I left you a message the other day. Miss you!

Ax said...

My family just doesn't put the fun in dysfunctional. Happy holidays!