Sunday, November 9, 2008

Box o'

I never thought I would be one to extoll the virtues of the box of wine. It seems like a classless concept, suited only to twenty-somethings who start out attempting refinement by upgrading from Keystone and end up spraying each other with a nondescript blush.


There's a new breed of boxed wine out, sized for the fridge and flavored for the grown-up. It's nothing that's going to blow a sommelier's socks off, but it is tasty wine. I wouldn't bust it out for a dinner party or take a box to a friend's as a hostess gift (for some occasions, the bottle speaks a certain dialect that the box can't quite fathom), but for the day-to-day, cup of dry white for a recipe here, glass while watching Top Chef there, it has its advantages. For one, the price is much better than an equivalent bottle. The inexpensive packaging doesn't compromise the flavor, but the savings are passed on to the consumer. Also, the unique packaging, so well suited to the aforementioned spraying, also has a legitimate function: It keeps the wine fresh. As someone who generally doesn't go through a whole bottle of white before it starts to turn, this is a nice bonus. And, of course, the box fits nicely in the fridge for easy dispensing.

My current box is Target's Wine Cube, Pinot Grigio. Suggestions, anyone?

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Danni Barnum said...

I wish. No actually. Turns out the neighbor is well....maybe i'll email and tell you. Yea, that would probably be best.

Probably got eaten by BigFoot