Monday, October 20, 2008

Linen Sheetrock

I am in the middle of sewing a new something, a wool jacket that I hope to have done by the reenactment--rather, Eighteenth Century Market Fair--I'm going to this weekend. I am even more fervent in this hope after reading the weather forecast. Yick--rain and cold. I would be cutting lining now, but I pre-shrunk the lining fabric last night, and draped it over doors to dry, and now the linen is not only not quite dry, but also stiff as a board. On the bright side of things, the jacket won't need boning.

On a whim, I perused some eighteenth-century clothing purveyors online, particularly ones that did custom-made gowns and the like. I was appalled--gowns that I make in a week they claimed took months, and were charging $1000 and up! Beyond that, the fabric wasn't even quite right. Makes me want to set up shop in webernetworld, but I think it comes down to really only enjoying making things for myself. I'm selfish that way--though I suppose a few hundred dollars a piece would change my tune. Heavens to betsy that's insane.

I think I'll take another look at the linen and get back to things.

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Danni Barnum said...

I agree to all of your comments. Yes, I'm sure it was starbucks....or ghetto-bucks.... whichever the case may be. and yes, i am a wacko. why oh why I thought training to run a stupid race was a good idea is beyond me. The next time you see me, I'm gonna need you to punch me in the face.