Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bloody Bagel

Today I became a statistic--I became the victim of the most common kitchen accident, cutting oneself while slicing a bagel. I previously thought that this was a pretty lame kitchen accident, and that mild scalds with teakettles, burning oneself on unattended ranges, or nicking tips of fingers with sharp santukos would be much easier to pull off, but I suprised myself. It was, in fact, quite simple to stab through my palm with a dull knife while separating bagel halves. Yes, to add insult to injury, I was not actually slicing the bage in half, but merely prying apart pre-cut halves. In my defense, the manufacturer's cut was poorly executed and did not effectively create two halves.
In the bagel's defense, I was the one shoving a butter knife through its mostly-frozen innards with a distinct lack of precision.
Also in today's news, discovered a new use for those cheap organza bags that wedding favors often come in by stuffing it with loose catnip and getting the cats thoroughly inebriated. In these times of troubled economics and eco-worry, what's better than cheap entertainment and reusing something at the same time? I can think of few things more amusing than watching cats cope with a loss of dignity. (Don't tell the eco-police, but the bag still ended up in the trash after it was thouroughly slobbered over.)

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Jerry said...

And you are HOW old?? Or is it that your reinactments.. somehow conjure up this amazing ability of yours to express such elegant words and thoughts and feelings?!? Thoughts not of this day.. not of this time.

Grateful for your musings! Jerry