Monday, October 20, 2008

Linen Sheetrock

I am in the middle of sewing a new something, a wool jacket that I hope to have done by the reenactment--rather, Eighteenth Century Market Fair--I'm going to this weekend. I am even more fervent in this hope after reading the weather forecast. Yick--rain and cold. I would be cutting lining now, but I pre-shrunk the lining fabric last night, and draped it over doors to dry, and now the linen is not only not quite dry, but also stiff as a board. On the bright side of things, the jacket won't need boning.

On a whim, I perused some eighteenth-century clothing purveyors online, particularly ones that did custom-made gowns and the like. I was appalled--gowns that I make in a week they claimed took months, and were charging $1000 and up! Beyond that, the fabric wasn't even quite right. Makes me want to set up shop in webernetworld, but I think it comes down to really only enjoying making things for myself. I'm selfish that way--though I suppose a few hundred dollars a piece would change my tune. Heavens to betsy that's insane.

I think I'll take another look at the linen and get back to things.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bloody Bagel

Today I became a statistic--I became the victim of the most common kitchen accident, cutting oneself while slicing a bagel. I previously thought that this was a pretty lame kitchen accident, and that mild scalds with teakettles, burning oneself on unattended ranges, or nicking tips of fingers with sharp santukos would be much easier to pull off, but I suprised myself. It was, in fact, quite simple to stab through my palm with a dull knife while separating bagel halves. Yes, to add insult to injury, I was not actually slicing the bage in half, but merely prying apart pre-cut halves. In my defense, the manufacturer's cut was poorly executed and did not effectively create two halves.
In the bagel's defense, I was the one shoving a butter knife through its mostly-frozen innards with a distinct lack of precision.
Also in today's news, discovered a new use for those cheap organza bags that wedding favors often come in by stuffing it with loose catnip and getting the cats thoroughly inebriated. In these times of troubled economics and eco-worry, what's better than cheap entertainment and reusing something at the same time? I can think of few things more amusing than watching cats cope with a loss of dignity. (Don't tell the eco-police, but the bag still ended up in the trash after it was thouroughly slobbered over.)