Sunday, July 6, 2008

Like Bernice

We bought patio furniture (cheap, ugly, servicable stuff that works with our shoddy, rented patio) and I've been spending free moments reading (On Writing Well, and little case studies as advised by the Misters Strunk and White) and jotting things down out there instead of posting. I quite desperately want a laptop, and then I could access ye olde webernet from said shoddy patio, but as long as this old behemoth is kicking, the upgrade is a pipe dream. Especially when one considers the other replacements that are of mutual spousal interest, such as a television to replace the one currently on the fritz and saving for a car to replace the microvan. Someday I'll explain, in more detail, the microvan, but that's best left off for now.

In other news, Bernice bobbed her hair, the role of Bernice being played by myself and the role of the barber being played by a friend of a friend. The setting? Not the masculine barbershop, but a kitchen, and the price was a couple of hours of painting trim. We cut most of it off, but it's still long enough to pin up, with fetching bangs. Fetching, because the look is a sort of nouveau vintage, and fetching is a sort of vieux vintage word. It's not, like Bernice's, ugly as sin, at least in most people's opinion. I think my father wanted to cry when he saw it.

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