Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Garden Commune

We branched out into a new venture at work today--the communal company garden. My boss plants a sizeable garden each year, to the point that I'm pretty sure she had the equivalent of a small farm's worth of tomatoes last year. She didn't cage them and it was like a tiny Heart of Darkness in the middle of the lawn. This year we've taken a more commonsense approach and decided that we'll each weed, harvest, or otherwise pitch in a few times a week for a fair share of the harvest.

Today we picked kale, chard, and green beans. We ate the kale, prepared like wilted spinach, with dinner tonight, along with fresh tomato salad. I've decided that feta is preferable to the traditional mozzerella in a summery tomato salad; I get a little bored with the dull palette of mozzerella. It seems like the ripe tomato, biting balsamic, and fragrant basil have little need for the blank sponge that is fresh mozzerella. But that's just my opinion; it's summer, so anything goes with produce.

I think this will be a nice change of pace. Sometime around 2, when I've already had lunch and 5 pm seems a long way off, I can escape a little while and weed a row or two. After all, how many offices let you spend time outdoors doing something literally productive? How many working a 9 to 5 job actually get to have a hand in what they eat for dinner? All I know is, I'm excited to try the chard tomorrow night.

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