Friday, June 13, 2008

Red wine and Gouda

Again with the rain today. There were two waves of it, one thin strand that barely blotted out the sunlight this morning, and a wide swath that interupted the afternoon. Even though it feels like the wind might rip away the roof of the pole barn, I like how it beats the rain against the windows. It makes the place feel cozy. It also tries to take the power out. I should be more upset about this, because without power we can't function, but I look on it a little bit like a child anticipating a snow day. Yes, I'll have to make up the work later, but there is something deliciously thrilling about an unplanned reprieve.

Of course the power didn't go out, and I had to spend the afternoon wrestling with reconciling the bank accounts and juggling customers on the phone. It's after days like this that any creative impulse I may have had is completely silenced and I could stare at a blank page or a length of fabric and have no idea what to do with either. It's a red wine and smoked Gouda kind of evening. (This combination can be enhanced only by the addition of dark chocolate. I'm out right now. But when I buy more it's going to be Lake Champlain organic. I don't know why, but that stuff is like sex in chocolate form.) I think I'll get myself some Cab now.

Note: I couldn't shake the suspicion that it was a load of horse hockey, but those wineglass shapes really do matter. I've been drinking my reds out of a balloon glass lately and have really noticed a if you want to impress your dinner guests, pair the wine with dinner and then pair the glass to the wine. If you're into that kind of thing.

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