Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ninety-Five and counting

It's hot. Spring is officially over in Bloomington, and summer has settled in. I think that Bloomington must be located in some bowl-shaped geographic oddity, which allows summer in but will not allow it to leave. In northern Indiana, where I grew up, storms brought a reprieve from the worst of summer heat and humidity. Not so in Bloomington. It storms and then immediately steam-cooks.

At least most of my plants have survived so far. They've made it a week. I consider this an accomplishment, especially as, with only a patio to grow my garden, I only have four terra cotta pots. I chose terra cotta because it is supposedly breathable like soil, and because I can't get over how tacky plastic planters look. You need about five gallons of soil to grow tomatoes, so I have one large pot for those, planted with a variety designed for potting gardens. Then I have a pot each of basil and rosemary. The basil is thriving, while the rosemary looks a little stunted. I attribute this to the fact that basil loves water, rosemary does not, and we've had nothing but storms for the past week. Storms followed, of course, by steam-baths.

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