Thursday, June 19, 2008

Color Play

The last time I wrote, my post got eaten, and I got miffed at the whole thing and refused to come back for a few days. I forgot my old method of copy-paste-post which ensures that, if the web does eat your words for you, they're backed up in a Word doc.

Strangely, my favorite part of today was sending samples. This usually gets tedious, as I've done it every day for the past year, and even more so recently as it seems that more and more customers have lost the faculty of providing their ZIP code, which gives me the opportunity to spend joyless hours hunting them on the USPS website. But today I had a minor variance in the sample request. "Send color combinations that you think would look good."

This doesn't sound exciting at all. It's not. But I had the most fun paper clipping swatches together for this woman. Smoky blue and mocha brown. Subdued bluegrass and snappy green tea. Warm terra cotta and rich burgundy. Color is fun. I started thinking about how I would translate those combinations into house decorating. I could replace white walls with toned-down grey-blue and use dark wood furniture. I could pair deep red walls with terra-cotta toned tile floors. I could do anything but hold on to white walls.

All I have now are white walls. It starts to drive you a little batty after a while. I look up and feel like I'm looking at a blizzard-themed Magic Eye poster, because I can't quite focus on that expanse of white. This is what happens when you live in a beige box-for-rent. I won't go into the lack of land and how that makes me twitch. Not today.

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